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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuclear Ruins

Recent events in Japan have gotten me thinking about the various types of nuclear ruins, and what may await parts of Japan if things continue to escalate.

1) Nuclear Weapon Ruins. Japan certainly knows more about nuclear ruins than anywhere else, being the only country to have sustained a nuclear attack in warfare. The ruins of Hiroshima, from when the United States dropped the bomb, were devastating and thorough.

2) Typical Ruins that happen to be Nuclear. In some circumstances, nuclear facilities are abandoned and fall into ruin. This could happen to any facility, but it's striking when a state-of-the-art installation like a nuclear power plant is left to rot. I found an interesting photo of a bunker from nuclear bomb tests in Nevada, which is now abandoned. Another example is Yongbyon in North Korea. 3) Meltdown. My thoughts immediately go to Chernobyl. This includes the ruins of the actual facility, and the wide swath of land that had to be abandoned due to increased radiation levels. This may yet happen in Japan as well. Famously, in a nearby area there was a brand-new amusement park that was abandoned and never used. Its rides now sit in ruins, along with the surrounding towns.

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