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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Proposed Uses for Archaeological Sites

It is interesting to note that there have been several plans over the years to build in and around the archaeological sites by Rosh Ha'ayin. In research in the Ginzach Hamedina, we came across a letter from May 3, 1947. It stated that "antiquity or historical sites which are in Military possession" are supposed to be protected by law.

"A recent case, however, in which a gas plant has been sited on one of the more important historical sites (Ras el 'Ein, Ramle Sub-District, which is the probable site of Antipatris, see my letter ATQ/47 of 29.4.47 to Chief Engineer, H.Q. British Troops in Palestine and Trans-Jordan, copy to you) suggests that a more direct for of liaison should be instituted so as to avoid the damage and encumbrance which would result from unlicensed excavation and building on such a site."(מ-31/22)

The officer goes on to state that he has a map showing the various ancient sites that are protected, and suggesting a better mechanism be established to prevent reuse of these sites in a harmful manner.

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