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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rosh Haayin Neighborhood Growth, 1880-2010

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  1. Dear Josh,

    I would like first to appreciate the scholarly research you and Rebecca have done

    I am writing you since I thought I should discuss the following assumption with you thinking you might have another assumption based on other documents or sources which I am not aware of

    I noticed that the Majdal Yaba photo at the video titled "Rosh Haayin Neighborhood Growth, 1880-2010" http://rhruins.blogspot.com/2010/12/rosh-haayin-neighborhood-growth-1880.html appearing at 00:17 seconds, might have been mistagged or wrongly dated "LATE 19th CENTURY"

    From my research I found the following:

    1922 Majdal Yaba had 726 persons living there
    1931 Majdal Yaba had 966 living in 227 houses
    1945 Majdal Yaba had 1,520 persons living there

    Compairing the above photo, although it was blurred and therefore my assumptions might not be correct, with the one in Wikipedia taken from Andrew Pettersen's book, it seams to me that both were taken in the same period if not the same day,

    From the number and look of the houses and the fact that both photos don't show any human being or even any animal, I assume they were both taken after the village's mass evacuation which started in July 1948 and it's subsequent occupation

    I trust your research capabilities, respect your determination, and hope for your kind reply