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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Window in Migdal Tzedek - Today and Then

This was meant to be posted right after our second visit to Rosh HaAyin in November, when we visited the Migdal Tzedek ruins, and the below images were fresh in our minds. However, no matter, these things cannot become irrelevant. When we visited the ruins of Migdal Tzedek, as we walked through some of the semi-ruined and now semi-restored rooms, we reached the restored window, pictured below on the left. This window was immediately recognizable from a recent trip to the Tza"hal Archives, where we saw the second picture below on the right, a magnificent photo from 1948 of a Haganah soldier silhouetted against the very window we were standing next to, in Migdal Tzedek.

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