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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ruins no more...

Top, the site razed, as seen yesterday, and bottom, the site with the five consecutive bays, as seen on our last visit.
Yesterday we visited Rosh HaAyin again. We had several meetings with people involved in preservation/planning/building in the City Council (on the committee for planning and building in the city) and independently, a historian passionate about the preservation of the old buildings and culture in Rosh HaAyin. After these meetings we went to measure the British Buildings, not having found any blueprints or plans etc. of any of this type of British army hangars. We decided to go to the British ruins which until recently functioned as a factory where blind people used to come to work. We came to the site and what a shock! Lo and behold the building, the ruins, was no longer in existence. The site was razed. However, the leaning British watchtower on site was left untouched.
The ruins as we had previously documented it, was a factory for the blind, whereby it seemed it has been completely abandoned, leaving piles of shoe soles all over (assumedly what the factory produced) and folders, papers, files belonging to the blind association. There had been a fire there, it is unclear whether the fire occurred after the building had been abandoned or if this was the reason for it being abandoned. Below, are some images of the Blind Factory British ruins before it was destroyed completely.

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