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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yiska Raveh and Rosh Haayin Research

There have been a number of people who have preceded us in the study of Rosh Haayin. This includes both professional archaeologists, such as Moshe Kohavi and Israel Finkelstein; historians like Avi Sasson; architects, including Itai Horowitz, who has given us some guidance; and a number of political historians, social workers, government agents, etc. Today, one of the people who is most actively studying the history of Rosh Haayin is a woman named Yiska Raveh, who has helped us in our project. She has been pushing historical preservation in Rosh Haayin for years.

On the municipal website of Rosh Haayin, there are a number of articles about the history of Rosh Haayin that were written under Yiska's guidance, along with Avi Sasson. In Feb. 2008, the city put out a call for local volunteers to undertake a series of historical studies of Rosh Haayin, as part of a course on the city's history. I believe this effort is still ongoing, and several papers have been published on the website as a result. Topics included the city's short-lived branch of Hadassah Hospital (about which we also posted a blog entry), traditional Yemenite styles of learning, the British military base, and synagogues in the city.

A push was also made to collect historical pictures from local residents.

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